• For new registrations

For new registrations

Customers who do not have printer

※ If you do not have a printer, you can request the mailing of
  pre-registration application form in the following way.
  If you have any questions, please contact DSK International Money
  Transfer Support Center.

Fill in the application form and receive by mail

※ As you enter sender's (applicant) and receiver's information,
printed pre-registration application form will be mailed from
the DSK International Money Transfer Support Center.

Enter the
and request for
postal mailing
Receive printed
Application form
by postal mail
Prepare your
and send
the Registration Card
You can now request
for Money Transfer

For the customers who uses the application form for handwritten

Inquiries about our services

International Money Transfer Support Center 0120-3630-44 (Toll Free: Mobile phone/PHS are also accepted)

9:00-22:00, everyday

Supported languages
Supported languages

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