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Applying for Money Transfer Service

1. Are there restrictions on the number and amount of money transfer? How much money can I send? What is the upper limit of the paid-in amount?

Per-money transfer remittance limit is 300,000 yen, but some convenience stores may set a lower limit. Per-month limit is 2,000,000 yen and per-year limit is 5,000,000 yen. The Monthly aggregated amount will be reset on the 1st day every month. The yearly aggregated amount will be reset on January 1.

For sending multiple times to the same person on the same day, there is also a possibility that the money cannnot be received.

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2. Are there any restrictions on the use or the purpose of the Money Transfer Service?

When sending money for the following reasons, please register the information for each Receiver during the pre-registration.
In addition, select the money transfer option using the Kiosk terminal screen.

  • a. Send money to family
  • b. Bank account deposit
  • c. Tuition
  • d. Medical fee
  • e. Living expenses
  • f. Travel expenses
  • g. Gift
  • h. Pension, salary or remuneration

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3. How is the exchange rate calculated or applied?

The exchange rate is calculated when the money transfer request is made from the Kiosk terminal and applied accordingly.
In a few countries, local regulations require the currency to be converted at the time the receiver is paid.

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4. I want to check the status of the transaction after sending money. After I pay, I would like to check to make sure the transaction was paid out successfully.

Please contact DSK International Money Transfer Support Center 0120-3630-44 (Free Dial: Mobile phone/PHS are accepted).
(Reception Time: 9:00-22:00 open everyday)

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5. What should I take with me in order to send money?

Make sure you have cash available to pay the amount of money to be transferred and the service fee. Please take note that he following sender information below will also be necessary:

1.If you have already applied for money transfer from the website and have received a Payment Number, the Payment Number will be necessary to complete the application for money transfer. ※When you apply for money transfer on the web or mobile site, we will send your Payment Number to your e-mail address.

2.If you apply for money transfer on the Kiosk terminal, you will need your ID, password, and date of birth to complete the application.

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6. After completing the money transfer service application, how long do I have to pay for the service?

The service ticket will become invalid after 30 minutes, so please pay the amount owed within 30 minutes.

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7. What are the service hours for applying for money transfer?

You can send money between 9:00 and 21:00, open everyday.

You can apply for money transfer from the website anytime.
After applying for a money transfer via the website, you will receive a Payment Number. So please go to a convenience store and enter the Payment Number at the Kiosk terminal. Then make your payment at the cashier.

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8. [ Changes After Sending Money ]
Can you make changes to the transaction (currency, Receiver, country, amount sent, etc.) after the money has already been sent overseas.

If the receiver has not yet received the money, the transaction data such as follows can be changed:
・another receiver
・receiver's name
・destination country
・payout currency

Call the DSK International Money Transfer Support Center.
We shall process your request.

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9. What is a ticket?

A ticket is the one issued from the Kiosk terminal after the payment application is completed. Please take the ticket to the convenience store cashier and make your payment.

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10. What is a receipt?

A receipt is issued after payment is made at the register.
The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is printed on the receipt received at the register.

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