Fraud Prevention

1. There was a withdrawal that I wasn't aware of. It might have been an act of fraud.

Call the Western Union® customer service center at (0034-800-400-733; Free Dial: Mobile phone/PHS are accepted).
(9:00-22:00, everyday)

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2. What type of fraud cases should I be careful of, in terms of frequently used methods or tricks?

The following methods are sometimes used, so be careful if you come across the described situations.

  • You are asked to pay a service fee before receiving money for a loan.
  • You receive notification about winning the lottery or a prize from a company, and you are asked to send money in order to get your prize or winnings.
    (There are fictitious or fraudulent companies dealing with lotteries or prizes.
    These companies ask you for a service fee to accept or receive the winnings, but the prize or winnings will in fact not be paid out.)
  • You get a letter or an email from a strange or unknown individual posing as a foreign government official from countries such as Nigeria, asking you to help them because they want to deposit or send money to your bank account from abroad.
  • You are told by an individual posing as a policeman that an acquaintance of yours was in an accident and has been arrested. Then, they ask you to send money for that acquaintance.
  • You get a letter or an email asking you if you are interested in buying an expensive, difficult-to-get product at an unrealistically low price.
  • You are asked to send money as proof of funds to make reservations for lodgings abroad.

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3. I received an email from a person posing as a Western Union® employee. What should I do?

If you receive an email from someone posing as a Western Union® employee but you are unsure if it is true, be cautious and avoid clicking on a link embedded in that email.
It is likely that the email is actually a method called "Phishing" which attempts to lure important individual information from you.
If you receive a suspicious email, please forward it to: customerservice@westernunion.com
Western Union® will never send you an email asking you for your user ID, password or credit card information.

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4. Can I delay or hold payment for the money that was sent, to ensure the security of the money by using a "Test Question?"

With regard to the "Test Question" service, some countries and regions offer this service as a method when the transaction is urgent so as to verify the identity of the Receiver when the prescribed documents are not available. This service is not provided with the express purpose to delay or hold payment, or to ensure the security of the money. In most countries, if the Receiver shows valid documents that verify his or her identity, the money transfer is paid out, even when the answer to the Test Question is not known by the Receiver. In Japan, the "Test Question" service is not available to receive payment for the money transfer.

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5. Can I use the Service for purchasing from online auctions?

Please note that Western Union® International Money Transfer Service via Convenience Stores can NOT be used for product purchases, including those from online auctions.

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6. If I am suspicious of fraudulent activity, or if I fall victim to fraud, what should I do?

If you receive a suspicious invitation via telephone, standard mail or email, etc., contact the police or the public organization that handles consumer related problems.
If you think you are a victim of fraud, report it right away to the police.

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7. Is there anything else I should be careful about?

Your should use this money transfer service for people that you know well. When purchasing a product or service using the money transfer service offered by our Western Union® Agent locations, be sure to thoroughly check the credibility of the seller yourself. Western Union®, DSK and the participating convenience store shall not be responsible at all for any problems concerning undelivered products or the quality of the service purchased, etc.
If you receive instructions from an unknown third party in response to a question made by Western Union®, please cancel the money transfer transaction immediately, due to the high risk of fraudulent activity. Each party involved is responsible for security. Always check the latest methods or tricks being used in cases of fraud.
Be cautious when you think that the situation is too good to be true, as it is most likely a case of fraud.

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